November 15, 2021

  • Irfan Malik

Bring Mindfulness To A Meeting

At the start of my career, I used to pick one meeting a day where I used to purposefully be as present as I could for as long as I could Rather than being stuck in my mind trying to figure out an issue or judging people on my team, I use my senses to become as present and aware as possible.

For the first three to five minutes of the meeting, I challenge myself to look around the room (in-person or virtual) and see each person. What is the energy of the other person? Look at their face, their eyes, their body language. What do you notice? Listen with deep curiosity to what is being said

Seek to understand their point of view. Once I master five minutes of being present, I build up my mindful muscle to get to a point where I bring my full presence to an entire meeting.

These practices didn't make me a mindful leader overnight. However, I hope that all of you will begin to taste some of the benefits of mindfulness, and it will cause you to want to explore being a mindful human and leader in greater depth. Remember, presence takes practice.